Sunday, 12 December 2010

Tamanna GRB Gulab Jamun Mix

Tamanna GRB Gulab Jamun Mix -

About GRB

GRB Dairy Foods Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1984 with a vision to manufacture and market the highest quality of dairy products that constantly delights the customers with a promise of consistent taste and purity.

The company markets its ghee under the brand names “GRB” and “Udhayam” in Karnataka and Tamilnadu.

Sri Ganapathy Silks 2010 கணபதி சில்க்ஸ்

Sri Ganapathy Silks 2010 Madhavan Tamil ADVT -

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Pothys Animated Advt

கோடாலி கருப்பூர் சேலை :

The Forgotten Craft - Kodali Karuppur Sari

The craft of Kodali Karuppur sari of Tamil Nadu has long faded out. What it needs is an elixir to bring it back to life, and to its lost glory.

The textiles of South India are among the richest in the country. The dry hot climate of Tamil Nadu has been the home of luminous silks and brightly hued cottons, which are famous all over the world. Tamil Nadu is one of the major sari-weaving regions of India, producing considerable quantities of rural, peasant and urban saris in silk, cotton, rayon and polyester. Be it the famous silk saris from Kanchipuram, the decorative floral border saris from Coimbatore, fine cotton count saris from Uraiyur or the white vestis with plain or zari or coloured border from Madurai, all these are an alltime favourites.

Apart from these well-known ones, there are also saris of particular areas of Tamil Nadu, which are distinguishable due to their distinctive design, but are lesser known. One such type of sari is the Kodali Karuppur sari.

A little about Kodali Karuppur Sari…

The Kodali Karuppur or Karuppur sari, which evolved under the patronage of the Maratha rulers, has a unique place among textiles. These saris were exclusively made for the Maratha queens of Tanjore till the end of the nineteenth century. The Kodali Karuppur sari, a combination of wax resist hand painting, block printing and intricate weaving, was used exclusively for royal weddings. The rareness of the Karuppur sari lies in its perfect combination of three distinct techniques that is painting, weaving and printing.

Read more here in the Article of CMAI ( Cloth Manufacturer Assn of India )