Thursday, 7 February 2013

Chennai Cycling 2013 சென்னை - வாங்க ! சைக்கிளிங் போலாம்

A film by Madhavan Palanisamy (Magic Bus Studio) in collaboration with CRX Sports.

Concept and Direction : Madhavan Palanisamy (Magic Bus Studio)
Music                        : Aravind and Jaishankar (Music From The Place)
Photography              : George Williams and Madhavan Palanisamy
Editing                      : Franklin
Client                       : Chennai Cycling CRX Sports

Chennai, Vaange Cycling Polam (Chennai, Come Lets go cycling) is a promo film made for the Chennai Cycling 2013 event where we expect over 5000 cycling enthusiasts to come together and cycle at Marina on Feb 17th 2013. 

Event organised by CRX Sports. Actor Karthi is very passionate about cycling and is helping us promoting the event.

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