Monday, 16 October 2017

#PETRONAS Deepavali 2017 ADVT - Arathi's First Love

#PETRONAS Deepavali 2017 - Arathi's First Love

நன்றி - PETRONASOfficial

Astro Ulagam Deepavali Greetings 2017


Deepavali Greetings 2017

Deepavali 2017 - The Spark | Kafe Visual

Deepavali 2017 - The Spark | Kafe Visual

Malaysia PM Najib Razak: Selamat Hari Deepavali 2017

நன்றி ! Thanks - Malaysia PM Najib Razak Najib Razak

2017 Nalai Deepavali - Gaji Tak Dapat Lagi | Ben G | THR Raaga Maaran

Title : Nalai Deepavali | Gaji Tak Dapat Lagi
Story & Direction - Ben-G
AD - Sakthivel NVSM
Music - Thiagu
Editor - Win Vfx & Color - Rabbi Dop - Zalee Designer - Mervyn Emmanuel Equipment - VG Films

Thanks IBPStudiosMY


Deepavali : LIGHT UP SOMEONES LIFE - 2017 #LightsupSomeoneLife

Copyright Protected by : Shaibha Vision

Thanks : Shaibha Vision

#LightsupSomeoneLife  #deepavali

Let’s ‘Light Up Someone’s Life This Deepavali’ – give them hope, dreams and a brighter future! Please watch this beautiful Webfilm and share the love! Here’s wishing you and your family a blessed Deepavali Vanakam! Produced by: Shaibhavision
Production Partner: @Sempoi Productions
Casts: Shaila Nair, Thila Laxshman, Mugen Rao MGR, @Garish
Prod. Mgr: Gopal Chillayah
Dop: Udhayakumaran / Ranjan
Grip & Lights: Magen
Audio: Guna
Editor: Ranjan
BGM: Jey Raggaveindra
Make-up: Kannan Raajamanickam
Stylist: Yogash
Director: Shashi Tharan


Sunday, 15 October 2017

Vasantham's #SaravediDeepavali 2017 Music Video Singapore

Vasantham's #SaravediDeepavali 2017 Music Video

நன்றி !  Vasantham Mediacorp

#வசந்தம் #சிங்கப்பூர்
#Vasantham TV  #Singapore

DigiTelecommunications Deepavali 2017 ஒளி கதிர்கள் Rays of Light

ஒளி கதிர்கள்

Rays of Light

நன்றி  Thanks : Digi Telecommunications

Lagu Deepavali DiPERi-PERi 2017

Afro-Portuguese restaurant - serving the best tasting Peri-Peri flame-grilled chicken in the world.

RHB Deepavali 2017 - Be Sweet ( Thanabalan )

Malaysia’s favourite footballer Thanabalan Nadarajah surprise some of his fans !

About Thanabalan Nadarajah திரு. தனபாலன் நடராஜா

Thanks : RHB Group


THR Raagavin 2017 Deepavali Song


2017 Deepavali : Astro Vizhuthugal விழுதுகள் Music Video

Astro Ulagam

Singapore Deepavali 2017

Festivals like Deepavali, and its practices and traditions, are part of Singapore's intangible cultural heritage.

Thanks :

Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY)

HyppTV Deepavali 2017

Thanks :  HyppTV  Telekom Malaysia

2017 Deepavali Song : Colour Of Voices - Deepavali Song 2017

Colour Of Voices (C.O.V) is a Malaysia contemporary A Cappella group made up of 5 friends originating from Kuala Lumpur who love to sing in perfect pitch, whenever, wherever! P/S : Special thanks to Krutika for joining COV in this project! • Beatboxer, Group Leader - Tux • Bass - Jaswan (Shark) • Lead Vocal - Juhairee (Joe) • Tenor 1 - Asnal • Tenor 2 - Ikhwan (Acai) Full bio at : ••••••• Follow COV on Instagram : @cov.official Follow COV on Facebook : Official YouTube : Official Website :

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